Hey I see a lot of blogs (including sj ones) taking photos of themselves with tiger cubs or reblogging photos of fish in tiny tanks or succulents with the wrong (!!!!) soil that is soaking wet or making venus fly traps close by sticking your finger in them or letting your cats outside
You guys aren’t hipster you’re promoting if not treating living things badly and need to stop

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A FACT ABOUT EXOTIC PETS: there are more tigers being kept illegaly as pets in the United States, than there are out in the wild.

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Marcos Attwood
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Vintage Polaroid OneStep SX-70 // $99
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Illustration of the feeding mechanism of the sea gooseberry. When relaxed its tentacles expand, acting like a spider’s web to capture prey. Instead of stinging cells, these tentacles are lined with special adhesive cells to prevent prey from escaping. 
They had these little guys at the Monterey Bay Aquarium for a while, and I was absolutely fascinated by how much their tentacles can stretch. Really cool!
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